A virtual conference showcasing women data scientists on May 22nd, 2023  

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May 22nd, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. CT


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WiDS Twin Cities is an independent event that is organized by Sayantica Pattanayak, Ivette Sulca, and Avani Saklecha as part of the annual WiDS Worldwide conference, the WiDS Datathon, and an estimated 200 WiDS Regional Events worldwide.  Everyone is invited to attend all WiDS conference and WiDS Datathon Workshop events which feature outstanding women doing outstanding work.

The Speakers

Varsha Shiva Kumar

Lead Data Scientist

Target, USA


About Varsha Shiva Kumar

Varsha is a Data Science professional with close to 9 years of experience across Retail, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services and CPG domains. She is currently a Lead Data Scientist at Target. Prior to working at Target, she graduated from University of Cincinnati with a Master’s degree in Business Analytics in 2019. She's passionate about solving business problems and storytelling using data. 

Dr. Pakeeza Akram

Assistant Professor

University of St. Thomas, USA


About Dr. Pakeeza

Pakeeza Akram has completed her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Delaware. She won a prestigious award of Fulbright Scholarship for the Ph.D. program. Dr. Akram is currently working at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. Her research focuses mainly on the application of machine learning in Bioinformatics. However, she is also actively involved in building solutions for global problems such as automated depression diagnosis, CS education for minors, and machine translation for different languages.

Aakanksha N S

Machine Learning Engineer

Snap Inc., USA


About Aakanksha N S

Aakanksha is currently a Machine Learning Engineer at Snap Inc. working on building Ad Ranking recommendation models for the Snapchat app. She completed her master's degree in Data Science at the University of San Francisco and is passionate about writing and sharing her knowledge in different blogs.

Dr. Sayantica Pattanayak

Assistant Professor

University of St. Thomas, USA


About Dr. Sayantica Pattanayak

Sayantica Pattanayak is currently an Assistant Professor at the Universitiy of St.Thomas, MN, USA. She completed her PhD at North Dakota State University, North Dakota, USA. Her research topics included Deep Learning, Ensemble Learning and Cryptography. She is also one of the ambassadors from WiDS Minneapolis region.



10:00 a.m. CT

About WiDS and Networking 

WiDS Twin Cities Ambassadors: Dr. Sayantica Pattanayak, Ivette Sulca, and Avani Saklecha


10:20 a.m. CT

Prediction of comorbid and non-comorbid diseases using geometric space embedding using human interactome.

Dr. Pakeeza Akram, Assistant Professor , University of St.Thomas,MN

10:40 a.m. CT

Brief Introduction to Outlier Detection Models using pyOD package

Varsha Shiva Kumar, Lead Data Scientist, Target

11:00 a.m. CT

Predicting Taxonomic Identity and Genetic Composition of Codon Usage Bias Levels Using Deep Learning Models

Dr. Sayantica Pattanayak, Assistant Professor, University of St.Thomas,MN

11:20 a.m. CT

Introduction to Recommendation Systems

Aakanksha N S, Machine Learning Engineer, Snap Inc.


11:40 a.m. CT

Takeaways, future events and gifts

WiDS Twin Cities Ambassadors: Dr. Sayantica Pattanayak, Ivette Sulca, and Avani Saklecha


WiDS Twin Cities Ambassadors

Dr. Sayantica Pattanayak

WiDS Ambassador

Assistant Professor

University of St. Thomas, USA


Ivette Sulca

WiDS Ambassador

Senior Data Scientist

Target, USA


Avani Saklecha

WiDS Ambassador

Data Scientist

Foot Locker, USA


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